About Jane Goldman

I make stuff, mostly digital. I'm a media creator, journalist and filmmaker, and I know what it's like to start from scratch. I founded CHOW, which ushered in the Bourdain-inspired era of food as counterculture. It was acquired by CNET, soon CBS Interactive, and won a James Beard and Webbys and other acclaim. I joined the Industry Standard, the chronicler of the first dot-com bubble, at its inception and was its editor during the second and doomed part of its run. (To be fair, it wasn't just us that tanked, it was the entire economy.) I have written and edited for magazines including New York, Rolling Stone, and Wired. Lots of others, too. I also know what it's like to give an established organization a thrilling second act. I ran the content for a host of CBS Interactive sites, including TV.com and UrbanBaby. 

I have helped organizations like the Pacific Forest Trust, Muttville, On Your Feet Foundation, Rainin Foundation, and Skout tell their stories in their own way. 

I went to NYU in film production.  I also went to Stanford Law School, where I met a lot of lovely people better suited to being lawyers, although I do have my bar card and would be happy to write a threatening letter on your behalf.

I've had great success with my own films, my own websites, my own stories, and I bet I can do the same for you.



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