I won't leave you with a binder and a bill. Together we'll create the content that tells your compelling story.


For nonprofits


You do great work. But there's so much of it and it gets complicated. Let me help you figure out how to express the essence of what you do in a way that inspires. This is the foundation of all your communication.


You don't just have to tell your story.  You can show your story - and let others share it. Video is powerful, whether it's online, on screen at a fundraiser, part of your grant proposals or orientation for new staff and volunteers. 


Tell your investors, your donors and your supporters what you're doing in a way that communicates your personality, your passion and your potential. Even in a digital age, some people respond only to print.


Your job isn't just to build a brand, build a company, or build a mission. You need to build a community. It's crucial to gather your constituents and supporters, keep them informed, and keep them involved and enthusiastic. Communication will do that.


Your online presence might be the most important way you communicate with the world. and it's how you build that community mentioned in the column on the left. We will decide what you need, where you need it, and how often you have to update it.  That includes YouTube video, Snapchat video, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Medium entries, your own website, listings in directories like LinkedIn and Guidestar, and content for other platforms. 


Whether you're presenting at a conference, a fundraiser, or for the media, you need a sharp message and some snappy visuals. 


Email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, capital campaigns, event fundraising - let's roll out a campaign that breaks records. 



Your supporters want to know that their money, time and passion are well-spent.  Keep them informed! The more they know, the more they care. And the more they care, the more they give.


Let other people do the pitching for you. Merchandise isn't just a revenue stream; it's a promotional platform.  Make the most of it.


For companies


Whether you're introducing a product, explaining how it works, arming your sales team or engaging your customers, video works. 


Show who you are, connect with your fans. Your most important channels may be any combination of YouTube video, Snapchat video, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Medium entries, newsletters, and your own website. You need a plan, a schedule, diligent execution, and structured analysis. 

Share expertise and create fans

Turn your customer base into a community. Engage. Share news, tips, something of value. When the time comes for them to buy, your audience will feel they've already gotten their money's worth. 

stories that generate PR

If media exposure works to your advantage, there's nothing like a good story to get attention. Know what a good story is. And then tell it. 


There's nothing like print to give a brand credibility. An annual report, a printed giveaway or a branded magazine can say something about you that nothing else can.


Be the voice of your industry.  Share your expertise and propagate your brand. 



We've got a team standing by!

A big job? I've got designers, filmmakers, social media architects, website builders, copywriters, photographers, and software developers ready to get to work. And of course there's me.